About us

Hi, we are friends sharing a big passion about food & coffee, our names are Simon, Roberto and Alessandro. We all worked in the hospitality industry in Australia for many years and when we first met we decided to mix our skills to create a place of simply honest good food made with love, we wish to share our passion with our customers… eating at Spaghetti Cafe is like eating with us.

Simon started his first take away "hole in the wall" The Lab Cafe espresso bar in 2010 and since then he opened a few others around Sydney, inspired by his two above mentioned friends he had the idea to integrate the pasta in his business model of take away high quality food & coffee for customers on the go.

Roberto is a renowned chef in Sydney, with more than 20 years of experience in cooking truly traditional Italian food, he is one of the owners and head chef at Ventuno Restaurant in Walsh Bay (www.ventuno.com.au), he has given to our pasta sauces at Spaghetti Cafe the special twist of authenticity that made us the place to go for a quick high quality Italian meal to take away.

Alessandro is the outstanding result of three generations of "pastai", this word in Italy indicates people who are professional pasta makers for live, the carriers of the heritage of the pasta industry. His secret pasta recipe and his experience in getting the best from the latest technology in the pasta world mixed with the tradition are at the base of our success!

Do not forget to share your feedback when you visit us and please come to say ciao and thank you to this boys if you had a perfect al dente pasta experience at Spaghetti!

For any request you can write to shop@spaghetticafe.com.au